Up Sonder – Professional Drone Services

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Up Sonder – Professional Drone Services – A Republic opportunity.

This article is to provide information for the Venture Capital Investment opportunity currently (June 2019) provided at Republic. Check out the overview of Republic here and read about one of the newest investment opportunities for a growing company seeking capital.

With modern technology, efficiency in the delivery of services has been enhanced all over the globe. Drones have come to the forefront of multiple services. The drone is an unmanned aircraft that is controlled by a professional pilot with enhanced monitoring of its surroundings. However, in the near future, the goal is to allow artificial intelligence to take over the basic operations from professional pilots.

The recent introduction of drone technology has further enhanced the delivery of medical services, oil and gas products, groceries, and even letters and packages in many homes in the United States.

Introduce Up Sonder, as the company that wants to be the hub of all Professional Drone Services. Similar to how Uber and Lyft have taken over the world of ride-sharing, Up Sonder is the platform for drone users to meet up with drone pilots who can provide professional services.


Why I Would Invest in This Project?

As advancements have been made to drones in recent years they have become stronger, more stable and provide a wider practical use. They are now standard in search and rescue as well as regions that are hit by life-threatening infectious diseases. Drones help provide more efficient healthcare to patients, better services to customers from a distance hence saving lives and preventing the spread of diseases.

I would, in this case, invest in the Up Sonder for several reasons. One of the very key reasons is this is where the future is heading. We’ve already heard of Amazon testing flights for drone deliveries, but some current uses will become standard, as in the case of providing emergency medical supplies to you instead of a late night drive to wait at the pharmacy. It is evident that many businesses need drone services, but most of them currently have no access and knowledge on where to get these drones and how to use them.

This project showcases four key pillars that highlight the strength and validity of the drone services for manned and autonomous missions. I would invest in the project because to me, the founder, Derek Waleko exhibited these traits in his project;

  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Evidence
  • Passion

Derek goes ahead to explain what his company-Up Sonder aims to achieve. We all want results, growth projections, and delivery of services or changing of lives from what we invest in. At any time, if a project meets this criterion, then I would be ready to invest in it.

Who is Currently Using Professional Drone Services

One question currently being addressed is, how many industries can these drones serve? This may be one of the questions going through your mind. I believe currently the drone industry is in its infancy. As the machines get better, can go farther, are quieter and require less human interaction that they will begin to be part of everyday life.

There is even the possibility that each neighborhood and possibly every home would have a personal drone to: receive packages, pick up fast food, make deliveries to neighbors, and so much more we haven’t thought of yet. Some current industries using drones are:

  • Health
  • Oil and gas
  • Tourism-to monitor wildlife
  • Real Estate marketing
  • Entertainment and Sports
  • Security and safety industries

Medical Supplies Delivered

Some countries in the world have already embraced this technology. The United Kingdom and South Africa use a drone in their humanitarian efforts. For instance, with the emergence of Ebola in parts of West Africa, drones can be used to offer vaccines to locals as well as food deliveries. This process helps minimal interactions between healthy and infected people hence reducing the risks of spreading of the disease.

As the widespread use of drones becomes more common the overall cost will dramatically decrease to provide aid to people and distribute life-saving medicine. This was this same reason that motivated Derek Waleko to start his company. Drones can deliver blood products, mobile medical lab, results, emails, food, and groceries. This will go way further in saving patient’s time and preventing congestion in hospitals.

Hospitals, on the other end, will be easily connected, enabling outsourcing and sharing of medical tools. If all the hospitals and other facilities are well coordinated, then it would be better service all-around.

Drones can be used in the United States of America to deliver blood to women experiencing postpartum hemorrhaging, which is a common problem within the country. In other parts of Africa, drones are used to provide medication to people with heart attack, therefore, saving lives for they are even faster than ambulances.

Medication & Oil Deliveries

Among those who will immediately benefit from this technology are the elderly. This will help ensure the elderly get food and medication from the comfort of their homes without having to check into assisted living centers to be taken care of. They can now be reached by drones, which will be controlled by a mobile app or at the control station. This will help them get the required attention at any given time.

One area of high drone demand is in the Oil industry. They rely on drone missions to check out oil fields and equipment in remote locations. This provides added safety to those who would instead go out to make inspections on-site, they can now take a look at the office where there is much less likelihood of an accident or explosion.

Growth of Services

Professional Drone Services is estimated to be worth over $13 billion in 2020. Up Sonder is planning to be the right position to receive and escalate this growth. This growth possibility is what makes this project a great investment project. You can invest not only in the United States but expanded to all over the world.

With the creation of autonomous drones and a global changing network which aims to extend flight hours to get services to many households at any time.

Many businesses require these services but are not sure who to trust. They all need a partner who would make it easier for them and be transparent on what they can deliver. Up Sonders is precisely what most of these businesses need.

Up Sonders has the following key features:

  • API software for enterprise clients
  • Simple searching and booking
  • Access to qualified drone pilots at all times
  • All missions carry insurance
  • Legally registered drone with licensed drone pilots

Up Sonders makes it easy to access these drone services for manned and autonomous missions. Up Sonders his making it easy for everyone to have access to a drone. As drone opportunities continue to grow, more and more people will see these needs become part of their reality.

Even though the use of drones is still developing, we will be able to get over our economic problems by making drone technology a widespread means of service delivery. A lot of development is yet to come to this industry. It will open up how industries and clients engage and work.

Having said all this, without a doubt, I see a bright future not just for Derek but for Up Sonders and the world at large. I am sure many nations will embrace the use of drone services for manned and autonomous missions. Currently, we can all take advantage of the offering to become an early investor in Up Sonder through the Republic crowdfunding offering. This is one company to keep an eye on in the next few years.

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