Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money? – Finding the value

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For those wondering “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money”, we will be identifying the different membership levels (free vs paid) with the information that is available. We will look at some training provided, specific tools given, and support that is available to see how Wealthy Affiliate performs compared to other industry leaders. Ultimately coming to a conclusion in what way is wealthy affiliate worth the money.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the premier all-inclusive websites that helps you create, build, grow and optimize businesses. With over 1000s of training modules–from start a new website, to optimizing your SEO, to WordPress plugins, to beginning an e-commerce or drop shipping storefront–there is something for everyone. Help CenterHelp Center

Over a million members actively form a caring community to provide expert support, advice, answer questions and encourage you as you transition or expand your online presence. With all of that support and training to take you step by step, your success is much closer than it ever has been.

You are no longer alone on this journey, you’re now taken by the hand and individually mentored along the way. Let’s now take a closer look at what is included:

Wealthy Affiliate – Summary & Score

  • Company: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Founded: 2005 – Kyle and Carson – still active
  • Website:
  • Training: 9.5 out of 10
  • Support: 9.5 out of 10
  • Website Builder: 9.6 out of 10
  • WordPress Hosting: 9.8 out of 10
  • Research Tools: 9.7 out of 10
  • Referral Programs: 9.8 out of 10
  • Success Stories: 9.4 out of 10
  • Pricing: $0 free member / Premium member $49/m or 1 year $359 (JOIN HERE)
  • score: 9.7 out of 10

Training and Support – The life blood of a member

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

A system that is only wanting you to join and remain passive in your learning will never provide the initially desired results. Once you are involved can you evolve and learn? Act as if you’re being taken by the hand from step to step learning skills and evolving until you are ready to move forward on your own with confidence.

Wealthy Affiliate offers 5 main support channels.

  • Certification training (Step by step training)
  • Mentors galore (over 700,000 active)
  • Live and Recorded Training
  • Live Chat 24/7/365
  • Help Center

Certification training – Like anyone starting a new project the excitement level is high even know the knowledge, of how and what is lacking. Luckily instead of feeling overwhelming and not sure where to start every member is entered into a Certification program. These multi-step lessons help guide members to what they should be doing next.

With the smaller baby steps, it is easier to jump into the process and at least do something small each day whether it is watching a video, writing content or commenting on other member posts. These small tasks help form daily habits and are created to help anyone get immediate results.


Mentors Galore – As you start learning in any business a recommendation is to find a mentor. Finding a Mentor at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the easiest things to do. You can have one or more or just through questions out there and see who can help you most at this point in your process. Typically you will be assigned at least one mentor and will be drawn to others who are in your same field of business. No one sees each other as competition. As you will find out there is so many avenues and directions to grab ‘low-lying fruit’ that they will help lead you in your direction and even work with you to identify how you should move forward.

Live Chat – On the main feed of Wealthy Affiliate there is a chat feed. This helps you in your activity level rankings as well as you can get immediate questions to answers asked. Members and staff can provide responses or tag a training that may be helpful for the one asking the questions. They only ask that you keep the chat fairly relevant to the topic of building an online business and no start talking about cat, politics, religion, or other debatable topics.

Live and Recorded Trainings – For questions that require multiple steps or phases there are pieces of training that happen multiple times a week. After each training, they are recorded for anyone searching for answers on how to do anything. When the training is live they allow for a chat feed to ask any immediate questions for a truly interactive feel. If you watch it recorded you can review the chats or add to the post any question you may still have regarding the training. Some training will be more relative to your emphasis of online business, others may be new avenues, and others may be the same that every member needs (such as WordPress back office or transferring domains).

Help Center – The Help Center is the location of all the Frequently Asked Questions and answers provided back by either staff or other experienced members. This section is continually updated as a main source of information, a wiki of answers if you will. Once a training or question has been asked to the public it remains in this database with the answers that were provided by either another member of by the staff. You can see how the members can receive credit for responding and answering questions of other members.

Website Building and Hosting – Professional service is standard

Website Hosting – Every good online business needs a good website. But what good is a website that’s too hard to set up and run when you’re just getting started? Wealthy Affiliate leverages the free WordPress architecture for their members to set up their business. Building a website now becomes easy with multiple themes, premium hosting, and plugins.

If you’re starting to create a website you know that hosting plans can vary dramatically as you begin to grow and the needs or your website need to be addressed for speed, visitors and security.

Wealthy affiliate provides two free websites that are hosted on the siterubix website, but they allow you to transfer it to a domain once you’ve built your own site. If you have experience with websites already you can use your own domain and allow WA to host your domain on their site or with a premium membership you can receive up to 50 domains that are shared on the same hosting platform.

If you look around premier hosting can be expensive (over $100 a month). For example, WP Engine is a top hosting site but their basic plan is $35/m, and goes up to $250/m. However the premium WA affiliate member can enjoy a similar plan as the $115/m and $250/m WP Engine plan but at a fraction of the cost.

It becomes apparent of the value you receive, though you may not realize as you start out that you need such premium plans, it is good to know that WA considers those standard and provides them from the beginning.

There are up to two free websites that can be created using the basic templates to help you get your feel for how to manage a website, update it and utilize Word Press.

If you have your own domain (.com, .org, .net, etc) and plan on continuing to manage a website this is where Wealthy Affiliate can provide enough value to justify the cost of Premium, even if you did your own thing and didn’t utilize anything else that they offer.


We’ve used, and it always seems like they were pushing you to use their services and were nickel and diming you anytime you wanted to enhance your domain experience.

For example at Godaddy:

Domain name cost $2.88 1st year, $12.99 each year after. Their basic hosting costs $7.99/month, you get 100 GB storage unlimited bandwidth and 1 year of the email included.

If you want a Premium DNS, and an SSL Certificate you are paying $16.99/month. If you want to email it’s $4.99/month. Privacy protection another $7.99 a year,

For a total yearly expense around $100 depending on the options. Check out the breakdown.

If you want namecheap it’s a little cheaper. Domain name cost $10.87/year. Basic hosting is $29.99 a year. $9.99/year email accounts, $9.99/year for an SSL certificate. It can run closer to $70 a year.

Wealthy Affiliate can provide the premium features for the higher option for the basic price of the domain name purchase at $13.99 a year. You receive your domain name, email accounts, premium DNS, SSL certification and privacy protection all are included.

Research Tools

The research tools included for posting to your site are based around the keyword program Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a keyword search program that allows you to identify specific keywords that are being entered by users all over the world. You can get an idea of the average number of times that keyword is being inputted, also determine how many other competitors there are with those specific keywords and from there it can provide suggestions to stay relevant with less competition.

Try a quick search here to get the idea.

Whether you are looking to make posts about a specific niche to earn money or just trying to reach a broader audience Jaaxy is one of the best tools to use that can help you reach the audience without having to go through the crowds of competitors.

There is a free version which limits the number of results, suggestions, and number of queries that can be made. There are Pro and Enterprise versions for those who focus heavily on producing various content and need the fastest and most accurate information.

Also, those who join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member receive a complimentary lite version of Pro, allowing unlimited searches but doesn’t include some speed features. To see the full list of features compared check here, but the point is that you need a way to make it in a market that seems over saturated and Jaaxy provides a way to enter into the field and stand out apart from the competition.


Success Stories – Making Wealth and Sharing it

At the core of Wealthy Affiliate is the motivation to help you succeed online in any capacity. There are so many ways to earn money online, e-commerce stores, drop shipping, blogging, affiliate marketing. And while Wealthy Affiliate initially started as a company to help affiliate marketing websites it has evolved over the past few years to be so much more, it became a hub of learning how to make a living online.

You can find the other sites touting surveys for quick cash, or small freelance work but ultimately an online presence needs to be built and built for the long-run. Members are encouraged to post success stories, as well as failures, to the community to help motivate and give ideas on making the most of their online success.



It is easy to find a mentor whom you can relate to that is currently doing exactly what you want to do, and they are willing to help you go to the next step. And as you can see the value of the community you will find yourself learning to improve and grow not just in your business but personally as well.

Membership Differences – Making the most of Premium

While the work involved is not for everyone (this is not a get-rich-quick scheme), it is for those who see long-term and are ready to endure the effort to get it to a place where your on-line presence is known and can begin to make you money. The best part of joining Wealthy Affiliate is that you can do so for free. You can have a taste of the community and lessons and go through level 1 training which helps you step by step identify a topic and build a website so simple those with no knowledge of building websites can do it effortlessly.

I always recommend if it’s free to try it out. You know yourself best and though someone may convince you that it’s best for you, you need to see if it’s a fit for you. There is nothing worse than having regret when you were expecting one thing and received something else entirely.

The value is there for those who can see themselves working to build a business and take their online presence to the next level. At $49 a month that is an incredible price for such value that is given.  Plus I’ll be providing my BONUS jump-start to those who complete level 1 training and are ready for more.

To make sure that the fit is for you Wealthy Affiliates offers new members a discounted premium price of $19/m for the first month. Typically members can know within the first week or two if they want to stay and continue to grow their business or move on to other avenues.

For those ready for the long-term, they offer a yearly membership for $359. But with their pro-rated cancellation policy, you can cancel at any time and receive a refund for the days that you don’t use and move on to the next adventure. But the value is there to create your own online business and name for yourself with all the support to help you succeed.


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  1. To answer your headline in a word, YES. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the most thorough training platform I’ve seen in any business so far, and the community is the kicker.

    These guys are AWESOME. I’ve never run into so many helpful people with such large amounts of knowledge, and especially not anyone willing to just SHARE that knowledge. It’s honestly fantastic.

    I did a lot of looking into making money online before I settled on any one thing, and out of all the things i saw, from MLM’s, to pyramids, to flat out SCAMS, the Wealthy Affiliate platform stood out like a lighthouse. The setup that Kyle and Carson have put into place is genius, everyone helps everyone else, until everyone has the same understanding of the online marketing world. Thats how you create one large community of independently successful entrepreneurs.

    I appreciate the effort you’ve put forth in being thorough, Marc. Nobody ever gains useful information from lazy sites, it’s always a blessing to read some content and actually LEARN from it. Keep up the hard work, sir!

    • Glad to help.  Compared to other ‘work from home’ options this one is open enough o fit any niche and supportive enough to keep you working through the hard times.  

  2. By far, one of the simplest and straight to the point review of the Wealthy Affiliate i have seen. i even dare to say that this is better than mine. 

    What i love the most about the WA is how they simplify the process of setting up your website. Not to mention the amazing support you get. If for some reasons i experience a down time with my website (which rarely happens) i just need to send a ticket to support. My wait time for fixes have not been more than 5 minutes. now considering that this is a million man community, being able to pull off that short response time-line is huge. The high quality you get for that low price, is second to none. WA is a legacy to pass on.  

    Great review.

    • Their support is what helps set them apart, taking you by the hand and handling all the hard stuff with such ease.  

  3. Hi! Thank you for reminding us Benjamin Franklin’s quote.

    One of the things I like about this platform you have reviewed is the fact that one can ask questions and quickly receive answers. Finding a mentor is difficult. And timely answer to questions are precious. That alone has made me highly value this site.

    • Yes. many times have I searched training or asked questions in the live chat and received answers within minutes.  The knowledge that has come from that is immeasurable and instead of me waiting days for an answer I can get an answer quickly and immediately apply it and continue on with what I was working on.  

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